“If Warren Buffett were born in 2000, he would read Cruising Altitude.”

We believe the only tools needed to be a successful investor are knowledge, patience, and perspective. Yes, some 💰 may be helpful too. But while many lose sleep over day to day stock performances, we rarely pay attention to them. 

📊 Instead, we’re interested in quarterly reports, industry trends, and strong investment fundamentals. We view investment opportunities from a 30K foot view; at the end of the day, we’re CRUISING — not stressing.

To be clear, we’re the FARTHEST thing from a professional investment advisors. We’re here to learn, share, and build a generational movement of smart, long-term investing.

For now, we’re focused on building out our content stack, including weekly newsletters and the Twitter & Insta accounts Warren Buffet would’ve made if he was born in 2000. 

Best of all, we’re just getting started.


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